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Dr. Jeff a Chiropractor in Bolingbrook receives his post Doctorate degree in Whiplash recovery

Posted: April 26, 2015
By: Dr Jeffrey Garofalo

 My name is Dr. Jeff Garofalo and "Learning never Stops" is my Philosophy.

Therefore every year I strive to learn something new as I am on my journey to become a master chiropractor. In the past year I discovered that many more people seek out the help of a chiropractor for auto accidents and whiplash injuries than I had perviously thought. As a Chiropractor in Bolingbrook I was shocked to see how many accidents occur in the town on a daily basis. I decided that I had to learn more in order to help my community. I started out on my year long post doctorate journey studying not only at a Seminar in Las Vegas and St. Louis but I also studied distance learning via the internet while my wife and kids went to bed. I learned in depth how to take the correct history and perform an in depth examination looking for injuries that most doctors aren't aware of that can answer many patient's questions as to why they are feeling what they are feeling. I learned how to read an MRI and put together a team of fantastic doctors to help me get the best results for my patients. This group includes a neurosurgeon, nuerologist and even a pain management doctor. I've learned how to diagnose disc herniations and damage to ligaments that most other doctors are not doing. I learned how to document and report properly so I can communicate with an attorney properly if one is used. As a reslut of my studies my Bolingbrook patients are healing quicker and having all injuries discovered and documented properly.

If you or any family or friends have been in an car accident or think you might have whiplash please call Dr. Jeff Garofalo a Chiropractor in Bolingbrook at 630-226-9922 or go to our website at https://newlifechiropracticforyou.com 







Dr. Jeff is now offering Non- Surgical Relief for Spinal Stenosis in his Bolingbrook Office

Posted: April 22, 2015
By: Dr Jeffrey Garofalo

Dr. Jeff is now offering Non- Surgical Relief for Spinal Stenosis in his Bolingbrook Office

 The normal spine is made up of 24 bones that sit on top of each other with a cushiony disc that sits in between the bones. There are 3 holes in the spine, which are important for the health and function of the spinal cord and the spinal nerves. On either side of the bones there are holes that allow for a pair of nerves to come out and head toward you body. The hole in the center allows the spinal cord to drop down from the brain to your lower back. Ample space is needed in these 3 holes for the safety and healthy function if these nerve tissues. As you live life and move the bones also move within the proper limits so as not to close down on these holes compressing the nerve tissue.

Causes of Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is can be caused when the bones shift out of normal alignment allowing for the holes to become clogged up allowing the nerve tissue to become compressed ultimately causing stenotic symptoms.

Several structures can fill the 3 holes, which include, arthritic bone change as a result of a bone out of place, the cushiony disc material can invade any of the 3 holes, as well as a tumor invading the spaces.


Symptoms of Spinal Stenosis

 Stenosis in the neck can cause numbness, weakness or tingling in a leg, foot, arm or hand. In severe cases, nerves to the bladder or bowel may be affected, leading to incontinence, while Stenosis in the lower back can cause pain or cramping in your legs when you stand for long periods of time or when you walk. The discomfort usually eases when you bend forward or sit down.


 Dr. Jeff a Chiropractor in Bolingbrook offers Non -Surgical Relief for Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis may not be cured due to its degenerative nature, but its painful effect on its sufferer's lifestyle may be controlled. Spinal stenosis patients are often happy with realistic expected outcomes of 50% relief of the pain that allow them to take a walk or sit for a meal comfortably with their family. Being able to participate in the activities of daily living and family life is often the desired effect of any treatment for spinal stenosis.

Cox Technic flexion-distraction and decompression is spinal manipulation. The American Pain Society and the American College of Physicians recommend spinal manipulation as primary care for low back pain (1) of which spinal stenosis is a common cause. Cox Technic biomechanically opens the spinal canal area by 28% and drops intradiscal pressures to as low as -192mmHg (2), both desired outcomes when dealing with spinal stenosis which narrows the spinal canal space.  In clinic, patients report relief of their spinal stenosis pain with Cox Technic protocols. 

•  Cox Technic provided significant relief of subjective, patient-reported pain and objective, doctor-recorded tests for a 60-year-old male patient with spinal stenosis is his cervical spine, which also caused arm pain. (3)

•  Relief of spinal stenosis pain in a 78-year-old man with low back pain and leg pain due to multi-level spinal stenosis is reported and is maintained at a 5-month follow up appointment. (4)

•  12 visits of flexion-distraction care provide relief to a 76-year-old male lumbar spinal stenosis. (5)

15 visits of flexion-distraction over 10 weeks provide relief to a 33-year-old male with severe neck pain and arm pain due to spinal stenosis. (6)



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Chiropractic Treatment for Headaches - Studies Explain Results

Posted: April 13, 2015
By: Dr Jeffrey Garofalo

We Care

Dr. Jeffrey Garofalo, a Bolingbrook chiropractor, understands the serious impact chronic headaches, neck, and back pain can have on people's lives. There is a logical and sensible reason why Chiropractic medicine begins to work during the very first session. Patients see progress in eliminating the pain caused by headaches, and find that their headaches do not return, once treated for the root cause of the pain. 

Getting Help for Headache Pain - Where do Headaches Come From?

Various types of Headaches have different root causes. Some are understood better than others are. Nine out of ten people in the United States suffer from headache pain. Many people who do not want to deal with the side effects of medications that dull the pain, are looking for alternative treatment. Best solutions focus on treating the root cause of the pain. Where there is pain there is something not right. Pain is a warning that there is disorder in the body, simply taking a blocker for the pain is not usually the right solution.

According to medical studies using the scientific method to gather clinical data for research and analysis, The University of Maryland Medical Center used study groups of people who suffer from headaches, including migraines of different types. They reported their findings with relation to different treatments and their effectiveness in treating headaches, including the use of Chiropractic healing methods. Several clinical trials of groups using medication, diet control to avoid migraine triggers, massage therapies and Chiropractic adjustments were analyzed, and data that was collected comprehensively evaluated.

Which Treatment Works Best?

Based on studies of treatments alternative to medications, homeopathic treatment is shown to significantly reduce only one in four patient's headache pain, depending on the frequency, severity, and duration of the type of headache or migraine. Massage and physical therapy using pressure on specific reflex point can allow patients to take less medication which is a help in reducing "down time", or time off work due to migraine pain and nausea. Reflexology also helps patients recognize their body signals, they are alerted of an oncoming headache before the pain begins. Patients are able to use another method of treatment to stop the pain cycle like medication, diet control to prevent triggers, and Chiropractic manipulation to reduce stress, tension, and poor physical alignment. Of all the group studies examined in these nine studies, patients in the Chiropractic groups reported 90 percent reduction of migraine attacks. 

In one study, three groups of patients were given different modes of treatment, one group was given a drug for headaches called Elavil, the second group was given Chiropractic therapy treatments, and the third was given both medication and Chiropractic treatments. The second group had the best results; they had no side effects from the medication that group one and three experienced. Group three showed no advantage in benefits from being given both treatments. The conclusion was that solving the root problem that causes the pain using Chiropractic examination and therapy, removes the cause of the pain more effectively than just blocking the pain.

Study groups that got the Chiropractic therapy part of each study always reported less episodes of headaches with continued Chiropractic treatments. Depending on the source of the pain, professional Chiropractic specialists can relieve the areas of stress, tension or maladjustment so that swelling, "pinching of nerves,” and inflammation can be released and the body can effectively heal itself. Once the root of the pain is resolved, the body's natural warning mechanism no longer sends out the message of pain.

Whether your headaches began after a vehicle accident, or started getting worse over time, Bolingbrook Headache Relief can discern where the pain is coming from, and what your body is trying to tell you. You may need to have regular Chiropractic manipulations, paired with exercise, super foods, and relaxation techniques. The point is you do not have to go through life treating pain with medication, when alternative treatment methods can find and resolve the cause of your headaches.

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