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Low Back Pain Golf and a Bolingbrook Chiropractor

Posted: May 19, 2015
By: Dr Jeffrey Garofalo

As a Chiropractor in Bolingbrook, Il and I am privileged to be surrounded by some pretty great golf courses like The Links at Carillon. This also means that I see alot of golfer's with low back pain in my Bolingbrook Chiropractic office. Today I would like to give you a few tips from my Golf Clinic I am presenting this summer with PGA Pro Chris Dimmitt. 

     First let's discuss the cause of lower back pain:
1. Overuse in one direction of your spine. If you are a righty or lefty think about how many times you will swing that way for your entire golf career. Now think about rotating the joints in your lower back that way for all those swings and now you start to see how you can wear and tear those joints on that side of the spine leading to back pain. 

2. Inflammation as you constatnly rotate the spine to that side of the spine will casue pain after the round along with soreness and stiffness the following days.

Tips to prevent Low Back Pain

1. To prevent one sided shortening of muscles and over rotating at every tee box I want you to take 5 very slow and gentle practice swings in the opposite direction that you normally swing. This will create balance in your swing preventing wear and tear preventing low back pain.  

2. On the way to the course get an ice pack and put it on your lower back to decrease your core body temperature thereby lowering inflammation decreasing pain you will experience right after and days later.

If you have lower back pain and want to improve your golf game call Dr. Jeff a Chiropractor in Bolingbrook A.K.A "The Golf Doc" at 630-226-9922.

If you want more information on our Golf Clinics this summer click the link to view our flyer http://facebook.com/bolingbrookchiropractic

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