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Bolingbrook Chiropractor Dr. Jeff of New Life Chiropractic talks about A Cause of Neck pain

Posted: June 16, 2015
By: Dr Jeffrey Garofalo

There are many causes of Neck Pain  but today Dr. Jeff a Bolingbrook Chiropractor will discuss one major cause he sees over and over in the office. 

Do you currently have or have you ever had pain in your neck and shoulder that is hard to pinpoint but just aches and throbs and may even cause headaches? Well if you have, you are not the only one! In my clinic, New Life Chiropractic, located in Bolingbrook IL I weekly have this type of condition come in. 

Today's blog is about the casue of that problem known as Facet Capsulitis. Most of us have 24 bones in our spine between the neck, midback, and the low back, and each of those bones connects to the other bones via joints(bone connected to bone). When one of the spinal bones twists turns or bends we call that a Subluxation. Now when the bones move out of its normal alignment, it moves the joint too much or moves the facet joint too much. Protecting that joint is something called a joint capsule which is a ligament type bag that wraps around the joint preventing it from over moving. When the spine rotates or bends past its normal and physiological alignment that bag stretches. When the facet capsule stretches, it then swells and that swelling stretches it even further. The reason you have the diffuse pain you have is because that capsule has nerve endings that feel and when stretched they create a non specific pain in your neck, your shoulder and even perhaps into your head and  your arm.

The pain will persist as long as that capsule remains stretched and irritating the nerves in that capsule surrounding the joint.

Correcting the problem to relieve the pain

Many people at this point will consult their primary care doctor or an orthopedic doctor who will then give them an anti-inflammatory drugs known as an NSAID or non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs for the pain and inflammation. There is a major problem with this because research has shown that taking NSAIDS for ligament inflammation actually casues long term ligament damage(1.)

The natural way we correct this facet capsulitis is to realign the joint through a chiropractic adjustment thereby taking the tension off the capsule and then having our patients use ice allowing the inflammation to calm down naturally so as to heal the ligament capsule properly for the long haul.

Everyday in our Bolingbrook Chiropractic office we help people recover naturally from Facet Capsulitis. 

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