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Bolingbrook Car Accident Doctor talks about Whiplash Symptoms

Posted: July 7, 2015
By: Dr Jeffrey Garofalo

     Dr. Jeffrey Garofalo a Car Accident Specialist  located in Bolingbrook IL,has helped many people in car accidents not only feel better and recover after an accident, he has also helped many vicitms of car accidents understand why they are feeling the way they feel. In today's blog post I will be teaching you why some people have really bad neck pain afer and accident and why some don't feel it as bad. A major question I ask a patient after an accident is what position they had their head in while they were being hit. This is a simple question that has some very impactful meanings. Many times we find out that the patient was looking in the rear view mirror looking at the accident about to happen. This puts the neck and heaad in a very weakend position becasue it rotates the neck bones and shortens muscles during impact. Many time a patient will come in with severe neck pain and pain even shooting down their arms. As a result of the patient looking up and turned the force slams the joints together in the neck and furhter rotates the neck. It can also cause a tear in ligaments in the neck more so than if you were looking straight ahead. Turning your neck during an accident is called a risk factor.

A recent study revealed that those who have their head turned during a rear end collision suffer gerater injury than all other collisions. Manohar et al (2006) stated that "In a 5 year retrospective study of 11,000 patients with cervical spine injury, 87.4% had soft tissue injuries.. more than 5 years following whiplash(p.420). The Symptoms commonly encountered included cranial nerve irritation, neck and upper extremity pain, restricted neck motion, and numbness. This study concluded that "head turned rear impact caused significantly greater injury to the cercical spine as compared to head forward rear and frontal impacts" An important part of finding out all the possible problems from a car accident is asking a simple question about head position that has huge impact on your prognsis and final outcome. Make sure you seek a Car Accident Specialist when youar ein a car accident for best results. 

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