Meet the Doctor

Dr. Tim Mertes, a Bolingbrook chiropractor, was born in Illinois and graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Tim and his wife Nicole, pictured with their 5 kids live in Utica, IL,  and he has another practice in Peru, IL. 

Dr. Tim runs a family practice adjusting patients from newborn to ninety with a variety of gentle techniques from some upper cervical to activator type adjusting. He adjusts full spine as well as arms, shoulders, wrists, knees and feet. Dr. Tim is very committed to being the best as he frequently travels to seminars to bring the very latest in technique and communication into his practice. Dr. Tim loves to spread the word of chiropractic through speaking engagements, community health screenings, and his newsletters. Dr. Tim loves spending time with his family, enjoys fishing and golfing, and is active with his kids and their sporting activities. 

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