Chiropractic Care Testimonials


 I started seeing Dr. Jeff at 33 weeks pregnant. I was having sciatic pain, and lower back pain that started getting worse since week 20. I am a very active person outside of pregnancy with a 20 month old at home that keeps me on the go. It was becoming more and more difficult to do everyday things and got to the point that I could not even find relief from a hot bath. I went in to see Dr. Jeff after reading many great reviews online and researching all the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy. Dr. Jeff and his staff have been very helpful and kind from the start. I received testing and a very thorough exam by Dr. Jeff to determine how he could help. After my first adjustment I felt like a new woman, no joke. 4 adjustments later I am completely in awe over how great I feel. Sciatic pain is gone, lower back pain is gone and the sinus congestion I had been suffering gone. I will continue to see Dr. Jeff through the end of my pregnancy and beyond. If you are pregnant and are considering chiropractic care you must give Dr. Jeff a chance to help you. I am more comfortable now at 34 weeks pregnant than I was at week 20. Thank you Dr. Jeff!
Lisa W.

10 years of pain from a car accident…I tried everything. Therapy, cortisone shots, more therapy, doctors, more doctors. I was totally planning a “10 years and still in pain party”; trying to find a positive. Dr. Jeff BLEW all that when he helped manage and then get RID of my pain through his chiropractic treatments. Then, I had a party for “10 years and NO MORE PAIN!” Dr. Jeff is not only a great chiropractor, he is a great person who treats your whole person… His staff is friendly and very capable. New Life Chiropractic is a great place to be!
Kim P.

While Dr. Jeff helped me with back pain that no longer exists, it is the effect he has had on my son that most endears me to his efforts. We tried every recommendation and prescription treatment from a wide range of medical doctors to cure my son’s ailment. After a few short weeks it was under control and with Dr. Jeff’s guidance we have come to understand the underlying cause. Moreover, with his continued care, my son has lived medication free. I’d also like to add that his entire staff subscribes to creating a positive and nurturing environment for their clients. Don’t try everything else first; go to Dr. Jeff and New Life Chiropractic first!
Steven L.

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